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Morgan Douglas

Morgan Douglas

Another feature of Internet sports betting is the betting handicappers. Handicappers are like your personal consultants who continuously keep you update about latest picks and trends.
Morgan Douglas

TRUE or FALSE: America is a country that was built by IMMIGRANTS?

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The answer is YES! The reason why Republicans refuse to understand is because they themselves lack a large base of diversity within their own party. The republican party are typically well-off, white, older, Christian males. While they are some exceptions tp the demographic, this serves as the primary basis of…: view it

Five Early-Season Worries for Chelsea F.C.

Morgan Douglas

Morgan Douglas

Another feature of Internet sports betting is the betting handicappers. Handicappers are like your personal consultants who continuously keep you update about latest picks and trends.
Morgan Douglas

Last season’s multiple Player of the Year, the Belgian winger has looked off the pace in the campaign to date, sleep-walking through pre-season and failing to make an impression against either Swansea or City. This year, Chelsea have not materially strengthened, having merely replaced the outgoing Petr Cech, Luis and Drogba with Asmir Begovic, Rahman and Radamel Falcao. He squandered Chelsea’s best chance of an equaliser at the Etihad, shooting too close to Joe Hart.. A new centre-back is a priority, but Chelsea also look light in attack, where the champions are unhealthily reliant on Costa and his troublesome hamstrings. Falcao and Loic Remy do not pose anything like the same goal threat and Juan Cuadrado, a £23.3 million ($36.4 million, 32.9 million euros) signing from Fiorentina in January, has been a m88 major disappointment.

1. Ivanovic struggles

London: Chelsea’s one-sided 3-0 loss away to Manchester City on Sunday left the defending champions five points below their opponents in 16th place in the nascent Premier League standings.

The season may be only two games old, but Chelsea already appear to be in difficulty, having failed to record a win in their opening two league games for the first time since 1998.

Chelsea’s close-season transfer dealings in 2014 were masterful, with Cesc Fabregas, Diego Costa, Filipe Luis and Didier Drogba all arriving before the end of July, giving Mourinho time to shape his new-look team. The arrival of Ghana left-back Abdul Rahman Baba from Augsburg may offer a chance to take the 31-year-old out of the spotlight, as it would give Mourinho the possibility of switching Cesar Azpilicueta to his preferred position of right-back.

Chelsea F.C. Mourinho’s mood

Chelsea boasted the league’s stingiest defence in the first two seasons following Mourinho’s return from Real Madrid, but the sight of Sergio Aguero repeatedly strolling through their back line at the Etihad Stadium showed the extent to which it has become an area of concern. Defensive frailties

3. Mourinho said that John Terry’s unceremonious half-time withdrawal had merely been a means by which to add more pace — in the form of Kurt Zouma — to his floundering back four, but it may also have been intended as a message to Chelsea’s directors to step up their pursuit of Everton’s John Stones.

4. He may have signed a new contract on the eve of the season, but Chelsea fans who remembered how Mourinho’s first spell at the club unravelled acrimoniously in 2007 will hope that his mood improves quickly.

Here, AFP Sports lists five issues that will be troubling Chelsea’s fans ahead of this weekend’s trip to West Bromwich Albion, where they lost 3-0 on their last visit:

5. It is only mid-August and he has already launched barbs at Everton manager Roberto Martinez, his old Arsenal adversary Arsene Wenger and City manager Manuel Pellegrini, made a cruel jibe about Rafael Benitez and demoted two of his medics, Eva Carneiro and Jon Fearn, after they angered him by running on to treat Eden Hazard during the 2-2 draw with Swansea City. “I’ve never seen them so disorganised,” said Sky Sports pundit Gary Neville. Recruitment hiccups

It says much that Hazard’s most notable contribution to Chelsea’s campaign so far has been the injury he sustained in the latter stages of the game against Swansea that launched the Carneiro/Fearn polemic. A Stamford Bridge stalwart for the last six seasons, the Serbian was left chasing shadows by Swansea’s Jefferson Montero and was at fault for City’s second and third goals, being out-jumped by Vincent Kompany at a corner and then presenting the ball straight to Fernandinho. No player has symbolised Chelsea’s problems more in their opening two league games than right-back Branislav Ivanovic. have failed to record a win in their opening two league games for the first time since 1998.© AFP

2. Hazard warning

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho wrote the book on diversionary tactics, but the spikiness with which he has attacked the new season suggests that all is not well behind the scenes at Stamford Bridge

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Black Tea Benefits

Morgan Douglas

Morgan Douglas

Another feature of Internet sports betting is the betting handicappers. Handicappers are like your personal consultants who continuously keep you update about latest picks and trends.
Morgan Douglas

Thus, black tea is seen to have a positive effect on the stress hormones in the body. Just steep a black tea teabag in hot water and when it has cooled down, place it over the blemish for 10 minutes. Steeping black tea for a complete 15 minutes, and then drinking it unsweetened is a popular diarrhea remedy.

Skin Care

Black tea is a wonderful astringent. However, black tea is often not given much credit for its health benefits. However, researchers are yet to find out which are the ingredients in tea that cause the relaxing and de-stressing effect in black tea drinkers.

Black tea comes from the plant; Camellia sinensis, just like the other kinds of tea such as green tea, oolong tea, etc. Thus, antioxidants from tea help protect our cells from damage.. This in turn enhances a healthy heart condition.

Weight Loss Benefits

Black tea accelerates the weight loss process by boosting the body’s metabolism rate. In this research, people who drank black tea four times a day for six weeks were found to have lower levels of cortisol (stress hormone) in their bloodstream after a trying event.

In fact, people often questions its health benefits, because of its caffeine content. To be safe it’s better to consume only limited amounts of tea during pregnancy. Then, remove the teabag, but do not rinse the tea off, as it will continue to work and lighten the blemish.

Black Tea and Antioxidants

Black tea contains ten times more antioxidants than found in fruits and vegetables. However, most doctors say that having a cup of black tea everyday is not harmful. So, if you want to tap most of the benefits of black tea, think twice before adding milk to your cup of black tea. To tap this benefit all one has to do is prepare some black tea and splash the warm tea onto your face. Its effect is fantastic! Moreover, tea is also beneficial if you are struggling with face or body acne. It is true that tea contains caffeine, however, the amount of caffeine present in tea is very little, even lesser than that in coffee. Black tea is rich in polyphenols, an important antioxidant which destroys the harmful free radicals formed as a result of metabolism. Black tea is the tea variety that has been oxidized the most, and is a tea type retaining its flavor more than the other tea types. The research conducted on 19 healthy men, revealed that drinking black tea over long periods helps increase blood vessel reactivity, while reducing arterial stiffness and blood pressure. Heart Health

A study published in the February 2009 journal of hypertension, suggests that black tea consumption can conduce to a healthier heart. These free radicals are cell damagers, which can lead to blood clots, cancer, and atherosclerosis. The tannins in black tea decrease intestinal activity and release an antidiarrheal effect on the digestive tract, which helps alleviate the pain associated with diarrhea. Moreover, it also blocks the fattening effects of carbohydrates.

Soothes Stress

A study conducted by the University College London (UCL) researchers, revealed that having a cup of black tea daily can help counter the everyday stress of life. Whenever you read about any food item or beverage’s health benefits, it’s important not to get impulsive and consume or drink too much of it. This low amount of caffeine enhances blood flow to the brain without over stimulation of the heart. Moreover, this low level of caffeine also helps sharpens one’s concentration ability and mental focus.


Tea contains a small amount of caffeine, which is not good for the developing fetus as its underdeveloped metabolism cannot handle caffeine. The key to tapping the benefits is by having it in moderation!

Gastrointestinal Benefits

Black tea is also known to relieve diarrhea and maintain the health of the digestive tract because of the tannins it contains. Moreover, don’t forget to consult your gynecologist regarding this issue.

Researchers from Berlin, state that adding milk to black tea reduces its antioxidant, vasodilating, and anti-inflammatory effects. Black tea can be used on skin portions where you know a pimple is about to erupt view it