The all-vintage American steel pieces were refurbished. The chair requires an at-home assembly.

Contact: 800-345-4500

The White House, Washington $48

The towels are made of 100 percent Egyptian cotton. The padded hardwood frames, double doweled joints, and corner bracing is filled with cotton/polyester upholstery. Fiestaware was introduced in 1936, with original colors of red, yellow, light green, cobalt and ivory. They are dishwasher safe and come in lead crystal.

Contact: 800-777-0100

Libbey Inc., $3 each

The glasses are name Fiare. All rights reserved.


Mediterranean Living, $101.25

Large pitcher with polka dots. Bauer started in 1885 and closed in 1962. Made from Earthenware in Morocco by hand (hand made, hand thrown, manually spun, hand painted, hand fired in a wood fired oven)

Ronnie’s Ceramics, $40

Polka dot medium water pitcher. The USA-made dishes are not safe for dishwasher, microwave or oven.

Bauer Pottery Company, $28-$32

Re-issued from Bauer, popularized in the ’30s just after the depression. Microwave and dishwasher safe: Not Oven Proof. They are made in Belgium.

Contact: 888-942-7528

Martex 5-Star Hotel Towels, $19.99

Nesting Bowls

Twenty Gauge, Basket Lockers, $520

This locker is made from steel. Double Old-Fashioned Tumblers

Baccarat $250

Crafters in Baccarat are part of generations of glass blowers. The glass is made in Baccarat, France. AP Photo/Kathy Willens

Looking for a new chair or lamp for your home, but don’t want to pay designer prices?

Country Living magazine’s editor-in-chief Nancy Soriano showed some great looks on The Saturday Early Show that resemble designer home furnishings without the high price tags.

Pharmacy Lamp. Tully leads the way as pallbearers carry the casket containing the body of Walter Cronkite down the steps at his funeral at St. The towels are available in Eucalyptus, yellow, blush pink and pale blue colors. Its knob is inspired by an antique watch and its design is based on early 20th century work lamps.

Contact: 877-752-7575

Robert Abbey Lamp, $189

The lamp has a brushed chrome finish over a steel brass lamp. Comes in Pewter, Gunsmoke, Taupe, Midnight and Sunset colors.

Contact: 888-637-7000

Lands End, $29.50

Cow suede moccasins comes treated to brush off a drizzle and clean up quickly. It is very heavy.

Contact: 800-600-3458

IKEA, $99

The steel, lacquer, top panel locker has particleboard insert. The 37-inch high lamp is based on an industrial work lamp from the 20th century. Made from Earthenware in Indonesia. The hardwood frame is screwed, the down blend and its legs are exposed. Orange, blue yellow, turquoise are the original nesting bowls set from Bauer. Most of its decorative art glasses are made from a general formula and can be found around the household in the forms of drinking glasses, plate glass windows.

Copyright 2002 CBS. It is made in Republic of China.

Contact: 800-345-4500

Mood Indigo, Fiestaware $295-$465

Mood Indigo is an antique store in SOHO, New York City that deals mostly with kitchenware. They are hand made but fired in an electric kiln.

Contact: 800-88-8218

Lillian August Collection, Lewiston Chair, $1,000

This Lewiston is an eight-way hand-tied chair. They are hand crafted and hand blown. It features lockable doors, cord outlet underneath and a maximum load of 88 pounds. The glass is named Mosaique. Other times it is an imitation of a designer item. The corner is blocked. Made in Los Angeles.

Contact: 888-213-0800

Country Living has a regular column called “Double Take” that features two household items, one of which is either an antique or from a well-known designer. Bartholomew’s Church in New York on Thursday, July 23, 2009. William McD. The other item is usually very similar in appearance but much less expensive.


Merrell, Jungle Mocs, $65

The original, water resistant pigskin leather slips on and off easily. The current design is simplified from the original.

Contact: 828-322-3480

Soriano says the reasons for the price difference vary. Sometimes an item requires assembly. Contact: 800-916-1986

Spiegel, Pillowtop Chair, $459

The walnut baluster legs is inspired by mid-19th century Victorian Design. Using inexpensive material keeps the cost of making glass low. Ten years of apprenticeship is required before becoming an officials glass blowers. It comes in Charcoal, Dark Brown, Tan, Black and Dark Garnet colors.

Contact: 800-960-9418

Bath Towels

Black and White Pottery

Ralph Lauren Home, $450

The antiqued-silver finish lamp is 40-inch high. She says there are pros and cons of having either type of item and it is up to you to decide which meets your needs.

Super Chairs

The Saturday Early Show: displayed the following items:


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Morgan Douglas

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