Long hours of sitting immobile does have detrimental consequences to a persons health.

Very often gaming addicts refuse to admit they have a problem, and an intervention by family members or friends is required. the withdrawal symptoms are very similar to other psychological dependency disorders.

While not as serious as substance abuse, it can be devastating to a persons life. If the intervention is successful and the gaming addict realizes he/she has a problem, do not expect things to be smooth sailing. Social interactions, family members, work, personal health and hygiene, all of these things come second to a gaming addict, the addicts main priority being the Game.

As an ex avid gamer, I have seen gaming behavioral patterns, from the casual gamers commonly referred to as weekend warriors, to the daily 5 to 6 hours online hardcore gamers,

While it is extremely rare, there have been cases of people dying in front of a computer, after many hours of nonstop game play. Whether they died because of underlying health issues, or whether it was the hours of gaming that caused the health problem that led to their death, is a question that needs to be answered. Some of the most common reactions are, anger, depression, frustration, loss of appetite, irritability and most common of all, many addicts, take a step backwards, they reconsider their stand on their addiction and revert back to denial.

Support from family, friends and a structured 12 step program will make the road to recovery smoother.

Morgan Douglas

Morgan Douglas

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Morgan Douglas