England, Scotland, and Wales make up the British Isles and with the addition of Northern Ireland, the four countries collaborate to make the United Kingdom. Even though they have only qualified for one major championship in their history they have produced outstanding players. England have always had a strong team in regards to competing for major competitions but Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland have produced world-class players such as England has.

Wales, the smallest nation on the island of Britain, have only managed to reach one World Cup which came in 1958. The team made World Cups in 1982 and 1986 – where a certain Alex Ferguson maneged the team – but never progressed far enough to be noticed. Other quality players they have produced are players such as Denis Law, Ally McCoist, and John Collins.

Arguably the best ever player that the United Kingdom has produced was a Belfast-born lad who won the Ballon D’or in 1968. Although each countryman will say that they’re their own country, they all, with the exception of Scotland, fall under British and the Queen’s ruling.

In terms of football, England have been substantially the superior power, being the only country within the Kingdom to win a World Cup. However, because of the lack of quality in his Northern Ireland side, the team didn’t live up to his own standard and failed to make a mark on the international stage.

The United Kingdom is made up of four separate nations. Names such as John Charles, Micky Thomas, Ian Rush, Mark Hughes, Gary Speed, and Ryan Giggs have all put on the red uniform but have failed to make an impact.. Big John Charles helped them progress to the quater-finals only to be knocked out by Brazil and 17-year-old wonder-kid, Pele. George Best played over ten years for Manchester United and won several league titles and the 1968 European Cup with the team. In fact the glorious Liverpool team of the 1980s had contained several of them, most notably being Alan Hanson, Graeme Souness, and the best player Scotland has ever produced, Kenny Daglish.

Scotland have produced several world-class players

Morgan Douglas

Morgan Douglas

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Morgan Douglas